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Whilst a mural on the wall is a design which should survive for a longer time,a variable interior design can be created with flexible room elements. Redesigned single items can be a particularly conspicuous limelight of the ensemble or can equalised pointedly with the style of the surrounding to attain a homogeneous room impression. There are innumerable variants for creative handling with the interior. Please notice the following samples.


Tile floor | design and painting of the tiles according to Turkish samples in faïence technology in cooperation with the tile manufactory Golem GmbH/Frankfurt Oder (UK, Hurst/Berkshire)

Little old occasional table | redesigns with a naturalistic flower painting in oil
Flower bathtub | design of a bathtub outside with cherry blossoms in oil (France, Biarritz)
Console table | neo-baroque console table redesigned with marble painting, bronze ornamentations and patina in oil
Floor lift | wood imitation painting in beer glaze technology and gilding of a floor lift in a historical villa
  | Interieur | Burnish lime technique

One is hardly able to withdraw from the fascination of the burnished and polished lime plaster. The surface looks so elegantly as marble, but it´s a much more livable surface. Different producers offer fine and rougher mixtures which are natural or already inked. The burnished surface ( with Japanese spatula or Venetian trowel ) can additional designed with painted marble imitation or a plastic relief. Mica or bronze pigments as well as different-colored layers on top of each other are decorative variants of this plaster technique.

Tadelakt is a particular Moroccan burnish lime technique. A special lime mixture become applied like fine plaster, treated with soap and compressed with a polishing stone and processed so to gleam. This material is not only used on exterior and interior walls, but also for floors, bathtubs, showers, on tabletops and especially in Hammams. Its good water resistance makes Tadelakt to the ideal wall tile substitute in bathrooms.

Bad in Hurst/ Berkshire (UK) | polished tadelakt on the walls in the damp area
Sunken Bathtub | built with mortar, coated with polished tadelakt
Lime technique “Marmorino” | area above the kitchen unit, burnished and protected with Punic wax
Basin area | polished tadelakt area over the basin as decorative splashing water protection
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