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Out of the sum of from 50 processed objects in employment, as freelance or subcontractor as well as the about 60 autonomously projects you will find some examples in the following text.

1993 - Reconstruction of the murals in the church of the castle Eisenberg / Germany (in employment with the restoration company Müller from Plauen /Vogtland)
1997 - Winner of the international art competition of façade design of the inner courtyards for the project "Kunsthofpassage" in Dresden (in cooperation with Andy K.) (
since 1998 - Realization of new designed mural in Great Britian/ Berkshire
2004 - Building research and mural restoration in the villa from Karl-August-Lingner in Dresden (in team with Knut Thiel)
2004/2005 - Leaf-gilding at choir ambulatory, at the cupola and at the organ backdrop in the Frauenkirche (Church of our Lady) Dresden – (as a free employee of the restoration company Müller Plauen/Vogtland)
2006/2007 - Examination and restoration of the villa "San Remo" in Dresden - Weisser Hirsch (in team with the restorer Knut Thiel)
2007 - Retouching in the church gallery of the illusionally painted windows of Castle Hubertusburg in Wermsdorf (as a subcontractor of Bettina Kath/ Thomas Laut)

2008/2009 – building research and painting reconstruction in the royal hunting lodge Helfenberger Grund in Dresden/Rockau



2000 - Restoration of the entrance hall Hardenbergstrasse 36 in Leipzig "Decorative wall paintings in townhouses (in team with the restorer Knut Thiel)
2003 - Different restored objects in the booklet "The art in the house" (published by the provincial capital Dresden
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